THP310 Industrial Grade Temperature and Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Transmitter

To ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment, the environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure need to be monitored in some industrial sites, for example the environmental monitoring of vessel cabin.

THP310 Industrial Grade Temperature and Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Transmitter is specifically developed and designed for this purpose. It has a firm and durable stainless steel housing that can output temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure signals in real time, not only with a field display, but also with a sound-light alarm output.

The temperature and humidity sensitive elements of THP310 adopt high molecular film humidity-sensitive capacitor and PT1000 temperature-sensitive resistor, which use special breathable coating and circuit injection packaging process, to ensure that the probe can withstand dust pollution and high humidity condensation environment, while having good long-term stability and precision.

      The pressure-sensitive element of THP310 uses the piezoresistive pressure sensor in a ceramic package and protected with gel. It can operate reliably and steadily within the temperature range of -40...85℃, while the metal shell is connected to the ground, so there is a good electrostatic discharge robustness.

Technical Features

Output signal: three ways 4 ... 20mA or 0 ... 10V, RS485

   Output parameter: temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure

Key setting: PIN code protection, analog output range setting, measurement parameter alarm upper and lower limit setting, temperature-humidity and pressure parameter calibration, display backlight, contrast setting, communication setting

Display module: high-resolution dot-matrix LCD display

Alarm output: sound-light alarm of probe failure and measurement parameter out-of-limit

Installation method: wall or split probe

Typical Applications

the environmental monitoring of vessel cabin   Other industrial environmental monitoring

Technical Data

Input and output

Operating voltage

24V DC ±20%


Current output

Three ways 4 ... 20mA  RL < 500 Ohm

Power consumption

<30mA (current or voltage output)


Voltage output

Three ways 0 ... 10V





Channel precision: ±0.2%FS


< 6mA (digital output)


Digital output

RS485 (Modbus RTU)

Measurement Parameter

Relative humidity





Measurement range 

... 100%RH


Measurement range 

−40 … +80°C

Measurement precision 

±1%RH (0 … 90%RH & 20℃)


Measurement precision  


Calibration error

±0.5%RH (0 … 90%RH)


Calibration error

±0.1°C (20°C时)


±0.8%RH (40 … 95%RH)




τ63 response time

30s (probe fitted with stainless steel sintered filter)


- -

- -

Humidity sensitive element

High molecular polymer humidity-sensitive capacitor


Temperature sensitive element

Pt1000 (Grade 1/3B, DIN EN 60751)






Measurement range

260 ... 1260hPa




Temperature range

-40 ... 85℃




Measurement precision

±0.5hPa (860 ... 1160 hPa & 25 ... 65℃) 





±1hPa (260 ... 1260 hPa & 0 ... 65℃) 



Temperature drift

0.75Pa / ℃



Long-term stability

1hPa / year



The above precisions are comprehensive precisions, including repeatability, linearity and hysteresis of the measurement, and can be traced to the CNAS standard.

Wiring connection

The maximum cable diameter of the terminal is 1.5mm2


Cable connector

M16*1.5 gland connector (threading diameter 4.5~10mm)

Shell material

316 stainless steel


Operating temperature

-20 ... 60℃

Probe protection

Stainless steel sintering, H2O2, PTFE


Storage temperature

-20 ... 60℃

Protection grade



Electromagnetic compatibility

EN61326-1  EN61326-2-3

Data download:

THP310 Industrial Grade Temperature and Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Transmitter Product Manual

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